We Buy Any House, Anywhere in the UK!

If you’ve been trying to sell a property in the UK with no luck then you are in luck! We will buy any house, you get the cash quickly and with no fuss.

We really do but any home, flat or even land in the UK, it can be empty or having a tenant living it it, if its clean as a whilst or a rubbish tip it doesn’t matter to us, from the big city to a cottage in the middle of no where we want it!.

Find out just how much we want your house by filling in our 30 second form and get a no obligation quote from one of our friendly team.

Some of the benefits of selling your house with us include:

  • You can get 100% cash in a matter of days compared to months and months of waiting with traditional methods.
    Lego Rocket

    it’s not rocket science, its just property sales made simple.

  • you can stay in your property, you don’t have to move out to unlock the cash!
  • You will never ever be charged fee’s for ours service – that’s a guarantee
  • Our friendly and professional team and efficient and prompt, they are on hand for any questions

You will NOT experience the following with us ever..

  • Endless property viewings of people tramping around your home
  • no estate agent costs which cost you an arm and a leg
  • hassle, stress and hair pulling normally associated with selling your house
  • and no for sale signs

Selling your home with us is as easy as 1,2,3

1 Get A Quick Quote

Our simple online quote form takes 30 seconds and when complete we’ll get in touch just to confirm the quote and ensure we’ve got all the facts me need to give you a genuine quote.

2 Final steps

When we’ve confirmed all the confirmation we will make a formal cash offer for your property the same day. We will organize a surveyor (accredited by RICS) at a convenient time for you. This will not cost you a penny. Once we hear back from them we will make you an offer that is more competitive than our competitors.

If you are happy with the offer we will arrange all the paper work with our solicitors ensuring everything is legal and organized, this wont cost you a penny and will be completed promptly.

3 Completing the Deal

Once we’ve complete the quote and finalized the quote all that will remind is agreeing to the sale.

Choose a date you want to sell and move our (if you do want to move out) and we will arrange around that. We’re very flexible and never rush you more than you are comfortable with.

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FAQ on our process:

Can you really buy any house? Even in really bad condition?

Yes, we will buy any house in any condition, what ever the reason you need to see, perhaps you brought your property from auction and id didnt plan out and you need a quick exit or maybe you inherited a hour and its in disrepair and you’re struggling to sell it in a traditional manor. We can over nearly 95% or the value of your house quickly so why not get a quote today.

Talk to our experts today and find out what you could get with no obligations.


Home Refurbishment Taking a house in need of repair but then finding out its too much work, do you Just Sell it ‘as is’? If you’ve found you don’t have the time or the expertise or even the finance to upgrade and repair your property that is in disrepair and you are in need of the cash then you can sell your home to us, Maybe its been devalued disproportionately by a bank or surveyor. We can still help, selling a property in need of repairs or refurbishment can put off many traditional house buyers. A lot of derelict properties needing refurbishment are devalued and end up in the Auction House where prices are rock bottom and as well as this the fees can be costly. Get in touch with We buy any house Today we are happy to buy homes in disrepair or in of need a complete refurbishment, for cash quickly.

Strucutral or in poor condition

Houses with structural problems can be very hard to sell conventionally as many mortgage companies and banks won’t touch them. They wont take them as security for a loan either However we’ll buy any home with structural issues; the condition or location does not ’t matter to us. We would be happy to look at any property even if its dilapidated and be happy to quote on it.

Home with damp

Damp or Mold can be noticed fairly easily. you’ll see it appearing on the walls, furniture and other home items, it has a distinctive musty smell which indicates that you may have a problem. If your home is affected by damp then it may just be condensation or perhaps rising damp. Rising Damp can be a large problem as it will mean installing or upgrading a damp course This could mean moving out while the work is completed. If you’re having problems selling because of damp talk to We Buy Any House Today, we will buy regardless.


Trees can cause a lot of damage to a property, particularly if they are near to your house. Tree roots affect the stability of your home, so consider getting in an expert to asses if you think your property is affected this way. If you’re selling your house and trees are preventing a successful sale or are causing a lack of interest, then call we can help, even if the trees are protected by orders from the local council (TPO’s). What ever the cause of your frustration our experts can help.

Listed building

Grade One and Two listed properties can be very important historically, which often can make them more valuable as people want to live in such a property. unfortunately many listed homes need to be modernized and brought into the modern age. This can be where the problems arise, as modern living standards means double glazing, insulation and even electricity. The terms of a grade 1 or 2 listing can prevent essential work, thereby reducing the property’s value. Don’t despair though, We will purchase ANY house, even if the property is subject to a listing or covenants! Talk to our experts today.