The tiny house with the giant cost

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The tiny house with the giant cost

For £1.256 million you could get this 7 foot wide property in London

One of the narrowest flats in Chelsea has had three owners in the last 20 years, its got two bedrooms, two bathrooms and is freehold. It’s hidden away in a quiet street where the average property price is a whooping £4 million.

Built in 1830 this very narrow property is easily missed.teenie

The director of Winkworth Josh Grinling says ” It is the narrowest home that I am aware of in the area. It is almost invisible, most people walk straight past unaware it is a house but it is actually a bit of a Tardis inside.”

The owners brought in specialist narrow boat designers to make the most of the space. There are two reception rooms a kitchen and a show room.

“It’s one of the cheapest freeholds in Kensington” says Josh.

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