Fill in the quote form online, we promise won’t take you long. Just a few questions to give us an insight into your property and we’ll get back within 2 days giving you an estimated quote for your home. If you’re honest online then the quote will more accurately represent the final offer.

We will then arrange for an independent chartered surveyor to visit your property to draw an evaluation report for us to make an official offer. It’s only once you accept this offer that we start to draw up our contract with you.

Once you accept the formal cash offer we want to try to complete in the time scale that suits you. We are proud to say that we can be as fast as a week when it comes to putting your cash in your bank, but if you need more time then please let us know.

Because we want to be able to offer you the fastest sale, we will arrange for a solicitor to draw up the contract of sale and even pay for the conveyancing fees. You will be kept informed of this process and you’re able to contact us and discuss any questions you have.

Once the solicitors have finished cutting down trees we will arrange for your money to be credited straight into your account, with no further worry or fuss.

We are a tailored service to offer you the quickest route to cash for your home, and this entire process really can take a matter of days should you need it too. Just fill n the form and leave the rest to us.