How can I find out how old my house is?

We often have many requests from our clients on how old their house is, this can due to wanting to know any under lying issues, curiosity or just a way to improve the features. It’s very easy to work out the age of your property so here are some of our top tips:

Look for indicators!
There can be many hints to your properties age, you can look for things like how the windows look or the brickwork etc. There is a great guide here if you are in London, there is still good information if you are no.


If you have your property deed it will tell you the age of the property, if you’ve lost your deed its can be obtained here
old photogpraph of a house
Old maps
If you’re still struggling you can look on old maps to see when your house pops up, its a good rough date for when you can approximate the age of your house check it out –

Land Registry
For the small sum of £3 you can get the information from land registry which will tell you the age.

If you’ve tried some of the above and still feeling stuck you can always talk to local surveyors or estate agents, our friendly experts are always happy to have a chat if you need some advice. We will always buy your house no matter its age, why not get in touch see how much you could get there is no obligation.

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