Your mind must be bursting with questions, on how we can purchase a property so fast! Take a look through our frequently asked questions, we try to answer as much as we can – and if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our dedicated experts!

How soon do you make an offer?

We will give you an initial offer usually within 2 days, this will then be followed up by a more formal quote once we have inspected the property to ensure that everything matches what you’ve told us. This will be carried out by a qualified expert who will do it at a time to suit you.

How much do you pay?

The initial offer we make takes into account the condition of your house, the recent property sales in your area and any further information you provide are all taken into account on our initial offer.

How long does it take?

We aim to complete the whole process of your house sale as quickly as possible. Our average is just over a week. Don’t worry we are very flexible and can arrange around your needs and can even help with alternative accommodation should you need.

Do you charge any fees?

There are never any fees for our service, we even provide a surveyor and the solicitors for free. The cash offer is the final sum you get we will never deduct.

How long till I get my money?

Once the sale is agreed, we will transfer the money straight into your account. This is normally just over a week.

Is there much paperwork?

We always try our best to minimise the paperwork for you. However there will always be some forms that require your attention but the solicitors will deal with most for you.

Can I sell any property?

As long as it’s in England or Wales, any property will be considered, even land in some cases.

My house is in disrepair?

We don’t mind If your house needs some work, no matter how much or little we will still consider an appropriate offer for you.

At what point am I committed?

There is no obligation to complete the sale until you accept the formal offer after the surveyor visit. We will support you with any time frame before you sign and commit.

Who will know I sold fast?

We are very discrete, we don’t put for sale or sold signs outside your house so your neighbours will not know.