Councils flog houses dirt cheap, then rent them back

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Councils flog houses dirt cheap, then rent them back

Already, councils across England have started to sell their limited supply of council houses to former tenants, whom then rent the properties back to the council. This new initiative has already been dubbed a “Social housing exploit”, and the independent has reported that the scheme is purely for personal profit.

This move could prove to be devastating to lower income tenants & families who will have higher costs put into place when living in properties which are no longer owned by the council.

The Telegraph has reported over a massive 32 councils in the country have now started paying benefits to tenants living in formerly owned council homes, which have been sold to private owners since the 2012 rebate on the “Right to buy” scheme.

Now, there are certain guidelines in place, which protect & deter the sale of homes bought under the right to buy scheme, renting is still completely unregulated – which means the government is able to dish out cheap housing to these new “Right to buy” landlords…

In 2012, the Conservative party leader raised the maximum eligible discount on properties in and around London to around 75k.

Parliament is so concerned about this national scandal, that it has voted to end the “Right to buy” scheme by the end of Summer 2016 – so that no more homes will be sold under the scheme.