Some of the benefits of selling your property with us

If you are wondering the best way to sell a home there are essentially four main ways:

  1. You can sell with an estate agent
  2. You can sell privately
  3. You can use a property auction to sell your home
  4. Use a quick sale specialist like We Buy Any House Today

Private sales can take time & effort, property auctions will very rarely give you a good chance of selling for worthwhile price. Consumer group ‘Which?’ found a high level of dissatisfaction (up to 50%) with the standard of service received from property auctions.

If your property chain has collapsed leaving you high and dry and in need of selling. It could be a bereavement or possibly a divorce means you need to sell quickly and move on with your life as  quickly as possible. Maybe you’re emigrating; What ever the reason you need to sell your property fast a specialist cash home buyer may well be the solution.

If you have to sell your house fast to unlock the cash tied up within it, there are loads of good reasons for choosing We By Any House Today, above other cash property buyers who might be making you offers or perhaps trying to tell you how to sell your house.

We can arrange a fast house sale so that the property sale is less of a worry and all arrange on your behalf, however  the current market conditions are in your area it doesn’t even matter the condition of the property.

We always make every effort to give you  the higher level of service possible. Our friendly experts are waiting to help you today.

Some other benefits from using We Buy Any House Today to sell your property:

  • We’re very approachable, you can have a chat with us, get some of the latest tips and advice on selling your house with no obligations
  • As we are a fast house sale specialist we have a great understanding of all issues that may arrise when selling quickly and how to resolve with easily.
  • We are regulated by the NAPB and Property Ombudsman
  • You don’t need to worry about endless volumes of viewings or estate agent fee’s no sales boards outside your house – you get privacy
  • We’ll cover all the legal costs, you never have to get charged a penny for our services
  • You’ll never need to sign a contract
  • Our customers never have to sign any contracts
  • You get 100% cash offer within 24 hours: what you see is what you get
  • no hold ups or chains
  • never a cost upfront or a tie-in period
  • You can see your property at a time to suit you and your cirmcustances
  • you won’t need to carry out repairs before selling to us unlike estate agents.

Our sale period is normally between one and four weeks, compared to estate agent’s timescales of up to nine months if not more. Sales with us are always guaranteed,  national figures show that a third of sales made through estate agents sadly fall through.

The agreed purchase (1005 cash) price is what we will pay after the survey is carried out– we never use the buyer’s report to knock another money off the price.

Taking a property that’s on the market for e.g. £100,000 as an example, once estate agents’ & legal fees, repair costs, mortgage payments and all other bills paid out during the sale period have been accounted for, an estate agent might get you a net price of just over or around £80,000, hoewever this would take six months to do it.

In only one week, we could give you almost £75,000.

Talk to us today about selling your home fast.

How  we compare to Estate Agents? *

Selling to us (one week) Selling with an Estate Agent (6 months or more)
The Asking price £100,000 £100,000
The agreed purchase price £75,000 £95,000 ( buyers normally offer £5,000 – £10,000 below the asking price)
Final  price after a survey £75,000 £90,000 (Buyers normally use repairs noted in the surveyors report to drop the price by a further £5,000 – £10,000)
Estate Agent fees £0,00 £2160 + VAT
Cosmetic repairs needed £0,00 £750
Solicitor fees £0,00 £1,000
Council tax and other bills (while the sales is on-going ) £150 £1,800
Mortgage payments (while the sale is on-going) £0,00 £3,600
The Final Price £74,850 (in one week) £80,690 (in 6 months)

How you benefit from We By Any House Today *

We By Any House Today Estate Agents
Sale period 7-28 days 6-12 months
Guaranteed Yes No. On average, 1 in 3 sales fall through (from national statistics)
Repairs needed for house to sell None Possible (Agents usually ask for repairs before a sale)
Privacy A quick Viewing For sale sign outside and continuous viewings

* These figures are for guidance only, individual sums can vary